Architectural Elegance

Elevate Realty
December 23, 2023
Glamour Identity
May 2, 2021

Our collaboration with Knopov Design Group was a transformative journey to establish a compelling brand identity and create an informative, visually stunning website.

I was entrusted with designing a distinctive logo, a professional business card, and a dynamic website to showcase their architectural prowess and expertise.

Logo Design

For Knopov Design Group, I conceptualized a logo that reflects their architectural vision and embodies elegance and innovation.

Business Card Design

To carry the brand identity into tangible materials, I designed a business card that exudes professionalism and leaves a lasting impression.’

Website Design

The website design was meticulously crafted to reflect the architecture firm’s ethos, showcase their portfolio, and provide valuable information.

I would like to thank OS Branding Studio for a great new website and logo created for our architectural company. People often ask about website specialists, I highly recommend Oxana.
Evgenya Knopov
Knopov Desugn Group

This project resulted in a comprehensive brand identity and a captivating website that not only reflects Knopov Design Group’s architectural excellence but also strengthens their online presence in a competitive field.

The logo captures their innovative spirit, the business card exudes professionalism, and the website offers a visual feast of their architectural achievements.